Mrs MiniverDoes your ma’ remind you of a silver screen starlet? Is your momma a strong woman raised in stylish decades gone by? Do you vintage gals find yourself raiding your mum’s wardrobe, playing dress-up as a vintage movie star? Be the answers yes or no, here at we’ve brought together some of the most stylish and spirited onscreen mothers for you to admire, just in time for Mother’s Day. George Walker writes.

Keeping-it-together Mum: Greer Garson as Mrs Kay Miniver in Mrs Miniver (1942)

Does your mum always have a kind word and a calm manner in times of crisis?

In the film adaptation of Mrs Miniver (the story came from a column in The Times newspaper), Greer Garson plays the beautiful, loving and always under control mother Mrs Kay Miniver. Holding her family together through the turmoil of The Second World War, Mrs Miniver must deal with her friends and family being put in immediate danger at every turn.



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