Next in our new series Vintage Kings, featuring the best vintage-dressers and sartorially inspirational gentlemen from around the globe, we have artist, writer and former Teddy Boy Paul Culshaw.

“Howdy do, ma good friends! A few words about me.

We live in Farnborough in deepest Hampshire, and I’ve been into Rock ‘n’ Roll since way back in the late Seventies. I was a Teddy Boy first, from the age of 14 up until I was 23, an authentic Fifties-style Teddy Boy (see picture). Then we, my friends and I, thought ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll is American music’, yes, we should dress in the American Hepcat style, and we did, and I still do! I love everything about our Fifties lifestyle, music, clothes, our cocktail bars, vintage furniture – but living today means we can have the life we want to.

I love Rayon, gabardine and all things cool! Hair pomade, Sun Surf Hawaiian shirts, pegged pants, loafer shoes, lurex shirts, you name it – the louder the better as far as I’m concerned. I would say my style has a Fifties Californian feel to it. I’m also interested in the Twenties, Thirties and Forties but mostly still have an insane love of the Fifties.

I’m infatuated with my wife, Fiona, who is also crazy about everything I am. It’s good to be crazy together!

I’m mad about the design of all things from way back in history and I love history itself! I am an artist who paints every day, and I write every day too. I pen articles for a vintage magazine called Milkcow on the subject of Rock ‘n Roll of course. I’m also privileged to write for Queens of Vintage.

The Fifties lifestyle will be with me forever, it never wanes, my love of it just gets stronger….

Dig you later!”

Paul Teddy Boy

40's London 1

Cats Meow Paul