I’m sure that a love for all things vintage is something you inherit from your family. Not only am I, Queen’s editor Lena, hopelessly obsessed with all things old, but so is my younger brother Jacob. I don’t know many other 25-year old budding guitarists who would decorate their flat with antique wardrobes and their grandmother’s Sixties lamp shades, but he does. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of his barn conversion flat in southern Germany, so do join me on a tour.

Jacob’s flat is on the top floor of this old barn dating as far back as the 16th century. It was originally built by the local noble man and land owner to store his farmers’ payments. The farmers had to give up a tenth of their crop and live stock in repayment for farming on the land owner’s property.


Jacob’s sparsely furnished kitchen only really contains this antique kitchen dresser and wooden table and chairs. All are in a typical southern German farm house style.

The kitchen’s decorated with authentic old train signs such as this orient express one. It makes me feel like booking a train trip across Europe every time I look at it.








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3 Responses

  1. sarah

    My gosh, the whole family obviously has great taste. At 25, shouldn’t your brother be living knee deep in pizza boxes and empty beer cans, with just a few tatty old band posters on the wall? Can’t wait to see your grandmother’s dresses, Lena!

  2. Lena

    Oh I am extremely jealous he lives in such style! I think it’s cause we grew up in a vintage house and our parents are massively into interiors design. Now we both find it hard to imagine living in something non-vintage. I even pimped my halls of residence room with as much vintage I could stuff in there when I was a student…