Lloyd Grossman aside, we all love a good nose round other people’s houses, so it’s even better when they’ve got some incredible vintage eye-candy for us to gawp at and drool over. This week our lovely Deputy Editor and interiors queen, Tara Gardner, shares a few style secrets and stories from behind her front door.

If Carrie Bradshaw spends her food money on Vogue, I spend mine on teacups. But I can safely say that over the years I’ve been collecting vintage pieces, nothing has given me more pleasure for my money. Growing up with antique-adoring parents, while most kids were running riot around the house, I was tiptoeing around a beautiful world where time had stood still. Realisation of how unusual my childhood home was came one saturday night, when a pizza delivery boy peered around me and into our hallway, exclaiming ‘What is this place? Is it some sort of museum?’ Need I say more!

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6 Responses

  1. Clare Saxon

    i love your home so much! wow i am incredibly jealous, what a collection of scrumptious finds! x x x x

  2. michelle

    I’ve got one of those Burns book of poems! It was given to my dad by his scottish aunt and then he passed it down to me! I love stuff with a story 🙂