untitledWe’ve been treated to some fabulous fashion hits over the years in the world of TV and film, though none have quite held our interest like the US smash, Gossip Girl. Now in its third series, the show likes to experiment with new styles and draws on vintage style icons of the past to give its key characters a unique look for each episode. Laura Terry takes a closer look.

We have the delicious Chuck Bass channelling Fred Astaire on a weekly basis, while his partner in crime, Blair Waldorf looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn with a fabulous wardrobe to match.

Gossip Girl succeeds where other fashion-heavy TV shows have failed, simply because it doesn’t seek to be another bland teenage drama. Oh no, this is the show where pre-teens drink Martinis and wear Chanel to school.

With constant references to classic vintage movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and All about Eve cropping up throughout the series too, it’s fair to say that Gossip Girl is a (vintage) fashion lover’s dream.

Here’s our take on our favourite characters and their vintage counterparts, who we think has inspired their style for the show.

Blair: The New Audrey Hepburn

Blair shares many traits with the original style icon of the silver screen. Aside from the skinny frame, glossy brunette locks and porcelain skin, the pair also share a love of ladylike fashion. Queen B rocks vintage hairbands, pencil skirts and peter pan collared dresses to perfection on each episode of GG, replicating Audrey’s elegant style to a tee.

In fact we reckon if Ms Hepburn were out and about today in NYC she’d have some serious competition from a certain Blair Waldorf! We also love the fact that producers seem to be in on the joke, by treating us to some Blair as Audrey moments over the past few seasons too, with My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring prominently.

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