vintageBrazilAnaelisa Scalon, 24, from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) graduated in fashion but is also very passionate about interior design. Her love for all things vintage is definitely reflected in the way she has decorated her room. had a peep around…

As Anaelisa explains: “For me, it’s very important to have an ambient that reflects your own personality. I really don’t know from where my passion for vintage objects came but I believe it was the influence of my grandmother and her house. It’s very nostalgic to me!”

Anaelisa bought her very Seventies wallpaper at TOK&STOK , an Ikea-like home ware store. Her little TV is from a small store in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte, not at all where you’d expect to find such a treasure:  “It was a big surprise to find the TV because the store is small and crammed full of stuff. In the middle of the mess I found it and felt in love with it!”

anaelisa01“I always try to create a nostalgic feeling in my room. The wallpaper, the TV, my grandmothers jewellery box,  my mother’s pearls, the books…these family heirlooms have a huge sentimental value to me!”

“Here, in Belo Horizonte it’s easy to find vintage objects but just in specific vintage stores, it’s hard to find them in the usual Brazilian shopping malls…I was lucky to find my wallpaper in a shopping mall store.”

“The truth is, no matter where I go or where I am, I’m always looking for vintage objects. I define myself as a girl living at in the 21st century with the heart and soul of someone loving the past!”

images:  Anaelisa Scalon