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Paul Hayward is not only a dapper dresser – and one of our Vintage Kings – but also the owner of an amazing Art Deco styled home in Spain.

“My vintage home deco has been built up over many years of buying the antiques I really loved, and the decor is mainly in a Twenties to Thirties style. Despite this, the English furniture finished in marble is from the Fifties.

The decor in my home is regal, elegant, a little cold and sleek with lots of glass, marble, onix and some brillian metals like silver and bronze. My walls are full of pictures of silent stars like Bebe Daniels, Colleen Moore or Clara Bow and Laura LaPlante.

I like to collect perfumes and soaps, and some – like the Thirties Risler face powder – were never opened.

The table clock in pink marble is typically Art Deco from the Twenties, purchased in Belgium, while the small watch in front of the
Joan Crawford, Dorothy Sebastian and Anita Page photo is also Twenties purchased in USA.




record player

My HMV portable gramophone of 1927-28 was bought in England. The radio was purchased here in Spain but it’s from Michigan, a model of 1935, like the ceiling lamp. I haven’t got any good pictures of them but I have a huge amount of 78’s and vintage editions of magazines like The New Yorker.

Art deco lamp

One of my favourite rooms is my study. It’s mainly deocrated with pictures of Tamara de Lempicka and yet another Art Deco table clock made of marble and onix from 1935, which I got from Berlin. The English table lamp is a copy of the original, but there are antiques, magazines and records everywhere.


The table top grafonola is English, from the first-half of the Twenties, and then there is a corner ‘dedicated’ to the Fifties with a French portable pick-up and a Philips radio from 1958. And yes, I like Eddie Calvert!

50s corner

In order to maintain the Art Deco style, I don’t have many modern objects, the few I do own I keep carefully hidden.”

sitting room

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