vintage home

Dawn and her husband Nick (we recently featured their lovely vintage wedding) live in a wonderfully eclectic vintage home in Essex which reflects their love for Art Deco, mid-century designs and music.

They not only have impeccable taste, they also really know how to spot a bargain – their Fifties Fortress kitchen units were only £40 from Looses Emporium in Norwich, while their vintage cocktail cabinet was bought from a local charity shop in Leigh on Sea.

Their wonderful mix-and-match style works incredibly well in their kitchen where a Victorian linen cupboard houses some of their vintage china, while the shelves with vintage and general bric-a-brac items were either bought, found or given to them. The Forties enamel-top table is also from Looses in Norwich.

Dawn and Nick have a big record collection which ranges from pink to Cliff Richards, and which lives in a room of its own upstairs! The not only have a radiogram (from Looses again) but also a Seventies record player which used to belong to Nick’s late mother when she was a teenager.

Their Seventies 3-piece suite in their living room came from a Norfolk antique shop.

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