lead13The coordinated, minimalist look is so five years ago, 2009 is all about imperfection. Bold prints and eclectic mixes of materials, texture and colour, lashes of fuchsia pinks and satsuma oranges are welcomed. Lucy Bloomfield looks at current vintage home chic trends.

As the credit crunch bites, taking chunks out of our economy, we turn to our homes to provide a reliable, calm and welcoming retreat. We also call for an interesting and cosy interior in which to entertain friends and family.  The retail industry has already started to see a big shift away from the cheap and cheerful likes of IKEA room sets to the more expensive and durable bespoke pieces. People increasingly want something unique, and they are prepared to pay for it.

If you are unable to fork out for the larger furniture item , the 19th century loveseatyou’ve always dreamed of, or the Victorian tub chair you’d just die to own, you can still individualize your home withsmaller vintage home accessories. This consumer movement reflects the current trend of imperfection, mixing antique furniture with new.

Interior Designer, Katy Dussart, shares her vision of current trends with us: “An imaginative mix of furniture and accessories makes for a more interesting room than a fully coordinated look. Try contrasting vintage with new; natural objects with man-made, and so forth. Create unity by grouping items of the same or similar colour, or grouping disparate items in a display cabinet. Get your personal treasures and family heirlooms on display, they tell your life story after all and make your house a home.”

silk-cushionsColour can be splashed around the home in a plethora of ways. The renaissance of wallpaper with patterned, textured, and hand painted varieties in abundance is likely to remain a strong trend this year. You’ll find you can spend hours salivating over opulent prints, dreaming up their place in your home. Just by googling ‘vintage wallpapers’ you’ll find plenty of original vintage wallpaper stockists to keep you amused.

Why not alternate a plain drop with a patterned one for an immediate and cost-effective style? A classic Chinoiserie print looks just fabulous on a feature wall in any living or dining space. Again by wallpapering only one wall, you will dramatically reduce the cost.

Another big trend this year is silk. Jump on board the vintage silk train, stopping at every available home. Believe it or not, these silk cushions (pictured left) are made using original Christian Dior and Liberty silk scarves dating back to the Fifties, all sourced by Heidi Awford, at The Baobab Tree.

Heidi’s creativity does not stop there , visit her online store and you’ll find a fantastical range of vintage scarf covered furniture. Combined with an eco-friendly manufacturing process, Heidi gives vintage scarves a second innings.

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