Some holiday destinations have become inseparable from their famous visitors. Saint Tropez? A firm favourite with Brigitte Bardot. Balmoral? The Queen’s chosen summer retreat. Catriona Taylor has found five vintage holiday destinations famous for their iconic visitors.

Saint Tropez- Brigitte Bardot

Tanned temptress and pioneer of the pout,  Bardot sought sanctuary in the playground of the rich and famous for some rest and relaxation.

Nodding nonchalantly to the nautical in stripes and a straw hat, or oozing Lolita like charm in sherbet shaded babydolls, La Bardot was anything but conventional, shunning tradition in a gingham wedding dress and proving that even tablecloth can be sexy on the right person.

Get the look:
You’ll find a cutesy bathing suit perfect for rubbing a pair of well oiled shoulders with the chi-chi Riviera lot. Team with obligatory shades and mussed-up mane for catch-a-sugardaddy chic.

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