Ana, the fabulous blogger behind Fairy Fay, loves a good beehive – especially if it is quick and easy. We’re really excited that she’s sharing her fabulous step-by-step tutorial with us: how to do a 10 minute beehive.                                      

What you need:
I strongly advice you to use hairspray as well. The bump-it is not necessary, I didn’t use but I showed where you should put it if you’ll use it.

Step 1- Brush well and make sure your hair is really smooth.
Step 2- If you have a fringe, clip it so it won’t get lost with the rest of the hair.
Step 3- Take a good section of hair starting from behind each of your ears. Make sure it’s enough hair to cover the whole top of your head and the rest of your hair.

Step 4- Take the rest of your hair and brush well into a high pony tale. The higher your pony tale is, the bigger your beehive will be.
Step 5- Tease the pony tale.
Step 6- Make a bun with the teased hair but don’t make it look pretty. It has to be well fixed to your head but very loose at the same time or it will have no volume.

Step 7- If you’re using bump-its, this is where I usually put them. They help you by giving a nice shape to your beehive and in my case, my hair tends to lose it’s volume quite quickly so the bump-its help it to stay up.
Step 8- Take the section you separate earlier and cover the bun. Brush it nicely and back-comb it a bit behind.
Step 9- Once you shape the cover section, fix it under your bun with kirby grips and carefully fix the rest of the hair underneath it. Always clip it well otherwise it will fall out.

And this is how it should look like:

I’d recommend the use of hairspray – although I didn’t use it in the tutorial, cue lots of rebellious bits of hair jumping around my head. Also, I took a photo of the final result but as I’ve injured my eye, I had to dig my dusty wayfarers out and hide myself behind it.