When it comes to Forties hair inspiration, actor Lucille Ball is my go-to source for amazing up-dos. Here are some of my favourite pictures of Lucille’s impeccable hair styles.

Ball, Lucille_01

24th April 1945: American actress Lucille Ball (1910 - 1989) with her hair piled on top of her head in rolls

Annex - Ball, Lucille_10


Annex - Ball, Lucille_27

Annex - Ball, Lucille_NRFPT_03


Annex - Ball, Lucille_NRFPT_08

images: Doctor Macro 

3 Responses

  1. Annabelle

    Lucile Ball was the inspiration for my party hair! Love her look. Shelley Winters tries to take credit for the “poodle cut”, though, with some great short, curly hair-dos.

  2. Helena

    Lovely photos.
    The hair is of course perfectly coiffed; as is the make-up, perfectly applied.
    It’s amazing how long it must have taken women of this period to become ‘picture perfect’, even when they had dressers, hair-stylists and make-up artists on hand during work days.
    I think the last photo was of Lucille Ball in her ‘blonde’ days, before ‘red’ became her trade mark? You can tell it’s from the 30s by the thinly drawn eyebrows, which were in fashion during that decade.