michael-caine-in-famous-specs-david-baileyToday it seems that people are more likely to choose laser eye surgery over spending some time finding the perfect pair of glasses. Admittedly the prospect of donning a piece of plastic and glass on the front of your face may scare some – there’s no denying that glasses do change the way a person looks. But there in lies the rub dear Kings of Vintage! Glasses can give a trademark style, a dash of vintage character and a look of timeless sophistication. Here George Walker looks at some inspiring vintage gents who would be that little less wonderful if their corneas had been corrected.

So, there I was in a Brighton vintage shop, face to face with an assortment of wonderful vintage specs. Although I have been a staunch critic of clear glasses for 20:20 vision-istas (for me there is something a little wrong about faking a physical impairment in the name of fashion), I just couldn’t help myself try on a few pairs.

I’ve always admired a well spectacled gent because of the way every individual must find that perfect style to suit their personality and face shape. Vintage styles ranging from thick-rimmed wayfarers, slick brow-lines and hippy Windsor glasses all hark back to styles past, injecting a good dose of vintage glamour into even the most basic of outfits.

Take Michael Caine for example, pictured above in a photo taken by David Bailey: The thick-rimmed glasses say British mod style, manliness and Saville Row heritage. Glasses can make a look altogether more gentlemanly and refined by creating a dramatic style statement that becomes a characteristic of your personal style.

For those of you who can’t see the right pair of vintage specs at your local vintage shop, a great place to start online is the Vintage Sunglasses Shop which stocks an ever-changing range of authentic vintage eyewear. After a browse I found this pair (pictured below) which are a very rare pare of Persol shades, the same style that Steve McQueen wore in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).Steve McQueen

As I sit here, booking myself an eye examination, hoping that over the past two years my eyes have decided they need a little vintage adornment, let me share with you some more fantastic bespectacled vintage gents who I admire not just for their human rights activism, their multi-million selling albums or artistic genius- but for their glasses!


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  1. Annette Jarvis

    SO love guys in sexy nerd glasses! Just bought two pairs for the man on an eBay shop Jeepers Peepers Retro…fabulous find at around £16 pair I think…he loves them & looks SO gorgeous in them!