Let the style icons of the past inspire you: from Twiggy to Grace Jones,  from Marylin Monroe to Grace Kelly, Alexandra K Dewis, owner of Alexandra Vintage shows us how to emulate their classic looks, all with vintage pieces available to buy right now!

Twiggy – aka Lesley Lawson
English model, actress and singer Twiggy was a fashion icon of the Sixties. Her famous cropped ‘do’ lent itself to mini lengths and she famously modeled the shift mini, knee high boots and oversized accessories look. Her slim figure paired with her luxe long lashes made Twiggy’s modeling style unforgettable.

STYLE: Sixties vintage dress by Bayberry £45.00 | Sixties vintage earrings in black clip-on style £12.00

TIP! Don’t overcrowd. Keep it simple with stripped-back make-up. Less is definitely more.

Mad Men

Joan Harris – aka Christina Hendricks
Famously known for her role in today’s USA hit show ‘Mad Men’, Christina Hendricks is the inspiration of many-a-lady. Her figure is beautifully curvaceous and all-women. Christina Hendricks’ alter ego, Joan Harris aka “Joanie”, is proud and strong. Costume designer and stylist Janie Bryant works wonders in capturing this with cinched cuts and powerful accessories.

STYLE Fifties Mad Men style vintage dress by Sidney Smith £38.00 | Fifties vintage Jane Shilton handbag in snakeskin £35.00 | Seventies novelty peg pendant necklace £18.00 | Thirties vintage brooch with aurora borealis stones & faux pearls £25.00

TIP! Embrace your figure – the tighter the cinch, the better! Clashing jewellery and accessories add interest against any block colour piece.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones aka Beverly Grace Jones
Jamaican singer, actress and model Grace Jones rose to fame in the late Seventies. Defiantly androgynous, with a passion for wearing clothing with structured lines and intimidating volume, she is the queen of individual style. An edgy fashion icon, Grace Jones was (and still is) known for her power dressing with shoulder padded blazers and general embellishment taking centre stage.

STYLE Eighties designer vintage blazer by Bruce Oldfield £85.00 | Eighties vintage jacket by Frank Usher in black tuxedo style £40.00 | Eighties vintage dress by designer Thierry Mugler £75.00

TIP! If you’re wearing angular shapes and/or oversized pieces on top, be sure to go ultra-skinny on your bottom half and team with sky high heels to lift and balance out your figure.


Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jeane Mortenson

American actress, model and singer Marilyn Monroe was delightfully indulgent when it came to her style. With sex appeal like no other, she wooed not only some of Hollywood’s most eligible men but led packs of inspired ladies and does still to this day. Break away from the famous white billowing dress and look beyond.

STYLE Fifties vintage dress in glamorous ballroom style £55.00 | Sixties vintage knit cardigan in brown monochrome £45.00 | Seventies vintage fashion jumper by St Catherine £15.00 | Fifties vintage necklace in sterling silver with rhinestones £35.00 | Fifties vintage necklace with cream faux pearls £25.00

TIP! Think glamour and have fun! Define everything from your figure to your face and don’t forget to smile.
Grace Kelly

Princess Grace aka Grace Kelly

American film actress and wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Grace Kelly was a princess of style, dressing impeccably for every occasion and effortlessly too. Elegant lady-like style was on the agenda and often ball gown attire (with accessory trimmings) would make an appearance.

STYLE Forties black vintage ball gown with sash £95.00 (without faux flower)| Fifties vintage party dress in teal designed by Philip £50.00 | Sixties vintage necklace with faux pearls in bib style £18.00 | Forties embroidered tapestry vintage evening bag £40.00 | Sixties vintage glamour gloves by Dents £10.00

TIP! Embrace the lady in you – dress like a lady and accessorise like one too with floral headpieces and pearls. Set your hair in soft curls and team with blush and some subtle colour on your lips.