lge_Trinians_080327034016523_wideweb__300x300After wowing us on the first film with their savvy style and crimes against all things conservative, the ladies of St Trinian’s are back for more hell-raising antics in their follow up The Legend of Fritton’s Gold with plenty of vintage-inspired outfits. Laura Terry reports.

Aside from the very obvious appeal of Rupert Everett in drag, the first St Trinian’s was a masterpiece in individualism, promoting each girl’s unique style to the masses. We marvelled at Gemma Arterton’s fabulous edgy bob, dog collar necklace and ankle skirt, while Tallulah Riley’s transformation from boring nobody to big-haired hottie was one of the main highlights of the fashion packed film.

So how would its sequel fair in comparison? Well, if their aim was to give us more fashion gems and create some new trends in the process, then we think they’ve done a pretty good job!

Vintage silk slips, stockings on display and straw boaters aplenty, Fritton’s Gold ticks all the right boxes by giving us more of each group’s individual style and introducing some new characters into the mix as well. Here are our favourite stand-out fashion moments from the film…

Annabelle Fritton’s nautical moment: From a sailor dress and hold up’s to a peaked cap with a feather, we have to applaud this young lady’s vintage style. She also gets a big thumbs up for the gorgeous Forties style curled hair and red lips combo too. Stunning!

Posh Totty: Anything these ladies wear is utterly fab, but even they outdid themselves in this film by rocking netted fascinators, retro pinafores and fishnets teamed with long socks; an utterly brilliant mishmash of styles that oddly enough looks totally put together.

Kelly Jones re-appearance in leather: Rocking a longer bob and top to toe leather, the gorgeous Ms Arterton is back on fine fashion form in this film, showing newly appointed head girl Annabelle just how powerful a red lipstick and black eyeliner can be when properly applied.

Sarah Harding: Slicked back Eighties hair, multiple piercings and shorts as a form of school uniform- could this character be any cooler? The epitome of style anarchy, Sarah’s character reminds just why we love Eighties fashion so much…full marks Ms Harding!

Girls as boys: With Rupert Everett spending so much time as a woman, it’s only fair that the girls got in on the action too and dressed up like public schoolboys. Channelling an Annie Lennox circa 1983 inspired look, we reckon this is a trend which could well catch on this summer, as boys get more feminine and girls get to grips with their inner grunge.