Now that I’m about to take on a new role, that of mama, – my first child is due this summer – I’ve been wondering about how vintage my son or daughter might end up.

Although my own parents aren’t really vintage in that they don’t wear vintage clothing and don’t favour a particular decade or design style, they are really interested in history, and my father in particular is an avid collector of all things old (he’s pretty much kept everything he’s ever owned, including his 70s cars and 60s clothes). This has certainly had an influence on me: I grew up in a very old house, I listened to my dad’s records as a teenager, and most importantly perhaps, collecting old things was just normal to me.

Similarly my grandparents, with whom I spent a lot if time, lived in a mid-century home completely decked out with kidney tables and sun-ray clock. It’s an aesthetic I still love to this day.

My husband is also interested  in vintage, with an impressive collection of clothes, and our home is full of vintage bits and bobs from 70s curtains to 50s kitsch Bambi figurines. So really, our child will grow up with old things around it very much the same way I did. Plus I’ve been swooning over vintage toys, books and baby clothes and a friend has offered us her amazing 70s Silvercross pram. There’s no escape!

So how vintage is your family? Did your parents’ lifestyle influence your own? Is your partner into vintage too? And how vintage are your kids?

3 Responses

  1. Cris - Vintage Vision

    Well… me and my brother L. founded our vintage eyewear website, so as “kids” of our family we are pretty vintage.

    Our parents – though – like classic casual wear, but when I saw some pictures of them young and still as girlfriend/boyfriend, they had a super-cool vintage (or actual for that time?) style: my mama used to wear flower and dots stretchy dresses and my papà had stretchy elephant blue jeans and (stretchy again) shirts half opened to show off his busty chest!

    So Italian, so Stylish 🙂

  2. Margaret

    I’m 56 and I’ve always loved vintage style. In the ’70s I was buying ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s clothes from consignment shops, which were a new invention back then. I liked the uniqueness and I liked the quality. I liked pairing peach satin bed jackets with jeans and old cowboy boots. I still have a good collection of vintage pieces, and one of my two grown daughters enjoys wearing ’50s style flared skirts and cardigans. She shops with me at flea markets and has quite a few cute, old items.

  3. Ingemar Albertsson

    We wear nothing but vintage clothes today. Me and my wife droped 18 kg each with the Vintage method, i.e. we had to reduce our size from 56 to 52 / 42 to 38 to get into all that quality garments we found in the vintage stores. The simple method: eat less and avoid elevators and escalators. Excersize not needed.