1694At a time when ‘tighten your belt’ refers to saving money and not adjusting a fabulous piece of vintage Dior leather around your waist, it feels like splashing out is going seriously out of fashion. But fear not, there are bargains to be found. And a vintage designer bargain guarantees a collectors item you’ll cherish forever. Martha Hayes raided the internet for some of the best affordable designer items you can buy now – guilt free.

 Sixties Enid Collins wooden bag

Is it a bag? Is it a jewellery box? Who cares? This incredible wooden box purse is typical of US designer Enid Collins – beautiful, delicate and sparkling.

Painted with starburst flowers and jewelled in white and amber, it’s also got gold star beads and a gold clasp. Consider it a vanity-case-on-the-go (it’s even got a mirror). A real collector’s item.

 Price: £42.00


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