Just why did the rain bonnet ever go out of fashion? Much more practical than an umbrella, especially when you’re stuck in a gale-force downpour, the former handbag staple has in recent years been relegated to old lady territory.

Once hairstyles requiring setting or an elaborate updo fell out of fashion, so – sadly – did the rain bonnet. However, with the growing interest in vintage hair styles, it seems the humble old bonnet is also starting to make a bit of a come-back. While vintage ones can easily be picked up on eBay for a few pounds and often in mint condition, it’s nice to see that companies like Bubble Betty Rainwear are relaunching updated versions to a whole new generation of women keen on protecting their tresses.

We rather like their leopard print version, which comes in a nifty little tin so you can savely store it away without getting your entire handbag wet.

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  1. Susan Musgrove

    I love these Bubble Betty rainhats. Pleased there back, so much easier than umbrellas.I think their actually quite stylish and so retro, ets take them back to our hearts girls. Along with a nice bright PVC mac on a rainday they bring that splash of colour into a dull day.