Recent trends are bringing together the vintage and bohemian styles, a collaboration that embraces the charm of old-style chic, a little bit of hippie and spiritual, with an explosion of colours, patterns and textures.

If you love the vintage look but want to incorporate an eastern feel and perhaps an air of mysticism, then the vintage bohemian look is for you. This is by no means a simplistic minimalist design and it discourages anything which matches or fits nicely together. It is delightfully merging together all the elements of the classic pre-1900s, a tradition of antiquated flower power, rare Moroccan cloths, brightly coloured rugs and cushions, Indian throws and tasselled lampshades.

You can make a statement with a feature wall of largely printed vintage wallpaper, or use a neutral paint colour as a base for a busy wall of pictures, photographs, wall hangings and mosaic-framed mirrors.

2Complement with textures

Interior textures make all the difference in how a room feels. Smooth, clean textures may leave a room feeling colder than thick, varied textures. Go for multi-coloured thick rugs, hemp cushions, woollen throws and eastern cotton fabrics.

Combine dark reds, fuchsia, deep blues, emerald greens, burnt orange and deep turquoises to fuse together a bohemian blend that brings warmth and rich colours to your space. Thick wool rugs, shag-pile rugs and hand-tufted Moroccan rugs that cover the floor will create a boho area to style around.

Giant floor cushions dotted around the floor will make the room a peaceful and comfortable place that oozes friendliness and warmth to create a social space.
3Personalising Vintage Furniture

Taking a piece of furniture such as a chest or table and giving it a coat of chalk paint, some vintage stencils or a hand-crafted design will give you a unique personalised feel.

Customising your own furniture can become a fun and addictive hobby and this interior trend has peaked in the last few years. Add images or your favourite vintage paper cut-outs by varnishing them to the furniture.

Learn easy decoupage techniques or add an air of gypsy mysticism by gluing vintage Tarot cards like the Nine of wands and secure with a glazed lacquer to finish. You could even add the finishing touches by purchasing a crystal ball or a Buddha and placing it in the middle of your coffee table to give your room a spiritual ambiance.

Embellish & enhance

4Get down to your local second-hand shop or a charity shop and find some vintage or antique ornaments that can enhance your look. You don’t need to spend a fortune or cram your room full of knick-knacks, just find pieces that make a statement such as a patterned flower pot, an unusual pot or decorated bowl.

Overloading your furniture tops with too many ornaments will take your eye away from the bohemian vintage style you have designed in your room, so keep things fairly simple and don’t over decorate. Finish the look by inviting nature in and integrating a couple of large potted plants that can be featured next to a freestanding lamp or placed in an empty corner.

The vintage bohemian look can give your home a real wow factor and the beauty is, nothing needs to match!




Image credits:
main image:Vintage chairs in our livingroom” (CC BY 2.0) by suzettesuzette
rug image: “Rugs 1” (CC BY 2.0) by Tom Maisey
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decor image:Softly Pink” (CC BY 2.0) by YourCastlesDecor