One of our lovely readers has pointed out to us YouTuber LisaFreemontStreet and her amazing vintage hair style and make-up tutorials. We are officially hooked! So much so that we just have to share this fantastic video tutorial on how to correctly brush out a vintage curl set.

Here Lisa explains how to brush out a hot roller set in comparison to a wet set like pin curls and also does a quick scarf hair style inspired by pin-up artist George Petty. Enjoy!

6 Responses

  1. Karen

    You are so welcome. LisaFreemontStreet has been my favorite for months. She really makes the styles accessible. Yay LisaFreemontStreet!! (She’s also the one who first introduced me to Besame Lipstick. It is a daily struggle for me to not buy the pack of 6 that you can get.)

  2. Sagan

    That was fantastic! Thanks so much, my hair is really bleaches so it gets pretty frizzy.
    Also, she is absolutely adorable!

  3. mary young

    Back in the day women used to use empty orange juice containers as rollers. The bigger the container the bigger the curl. Way back they used to use rags as rollers then tied them. Not to forget the twists from coffee cans. That must have hurt. I remember back in the 60’s sleeping with rollers and using my bent arm as a pillow……..whatever!