With the new Great Gatsby film coming out in a few months, even mainstream fashion magazines are going into a Twenties overdrive – apparently Twenties Marcel and finger waves are going to be staging a style come-back.

Well, I’ve tried finger waving my hair a few times and boy, it is not easy. I find Marceling (a technique using a hot curler on dry hair) a lot easier than finger waving (done with a comb on wet hair). Especially when you do you own hair, finger waving is very tricky, watch out for numb arms.

There are plenty of finger waving tutorials in books and on blogs but I much prefer seeing someone demonstrate, so after some searching I’ve found this excellent YouTube finger wave tutorial by Thrifty Creations, which is a brilliant step-by-step guide, I highly recommend it!

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  1. mary young

    My ex was a stand in when they filmed the Great Gatsby in Newport, RI probably 38 or so years ago. This was the era of long hippie long hair. If you wanted to be an extra you had to cut your hair which was a big deal at the time. Many people walked away.

    When I was a child my mother used to go to this old timey hair dresser. To reward me if I was good they would give me a marcel wave and I thought I looked like a princess. M>

    • Lena

      Oh wow, that’s amazing – did your ex have long hair he had to cut off too?

      I really wish there were still salons around which do Marcels…

  2. Lynn

    My Grandma (97) was a hairdresser and her favorite ‘do was the Marcel. She would come to our house on Sunday evenings after bath time to do our hair. I am sporting a Marcel in my kindergarten photo! In high school we did the musical Chicago and of course, grandma came back stage and any girl with short enough hair (including me) got a Marcel!

    • Lena

      Lovely story! My nan had an Eaton crop all her life cause the Marcel was too ‘fiddly’ for her!