The Twenties not only saw a revolution in fashion but also in make-up style. With new, advanced make-up products more readily available, the old Edwardian attitude to make-up changed profoundly.

Not only did  the modern Twenties woman wear make-up – something previously frowned upon – she wore lots of it. Deep red lipstick, heavily arched brows and vampish black eyes were all en vogue throughout the decade. Here we have a great video tutorial showing you how to recreate a perfect Twenties flapper look.

Ladies, have your lipstick and black eye shadow at the ready!

3 Responses

  1. mary young

    Clara Bow was the original “It” girl and this lovely woman epitimized
    her look for that generation. My mother was a beautiful it girl with
    green eyes etc. My father in his old age still loved that look with what he called “spit curls.” No one talks about the rolled stockings
    a trait that my mother took into her old age. Yikes, hope that trend
    never comes back.