BettyDraperIf there’s one thing we love it’s a TV show set in the past, and we can’t say it often enough, we are hooked on Mad Men. Now in its third season in the UK, Mad Men – about the life and work in an ad agency – is set in early Sixties America and highlights the changing cultural and social norms that took place in this era in addition to providing us with some truly dazzling style moments. Laura Terry takes a closer look at the leading ladies and their fashion style.

Betty Draper

The gorgeous Betty Draper – played by January Jones-  a former model now married to ad man Don Draper, has the most wholesome look in the show, which accurately mirrors her role of housewife and mother. Despite being portrayed as a typical suburbanite, towards the end of the third season Betty’s life is about to change and she is getting more adventurous with her look.

Twin sets, pearls and lots of pink were originally the basis for Betty’s character, but now we are seeing her experiment with a fitted camel coat, silk scarf and a backcombed ‘do that says she means business!

joan_hollowayJoan Holloway

A fiery red head with a sexy wardrobe to match, office manager Joan – brilliantly played by Christina Hendricks – is a character not to be messed with. One of our favourite looks on Joan has to be that fitted tweed pencil skirt, red crossover blouse, accompanied with massive red clip-on earrings and a long gold pendant.

Even though typical for the era, she almost looks ahead of the times, which sums up her character perfectly.









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  1. Tonia

    Oh I think I just went to fashion heaven: why, oh why can I not wear everything at once?!