Yes, retro-inspired beauty products can be both beautifully packaged and cheap. Proof comes in the shape of Soap & Glory, a vintage-inspired beauty product range and the brain child of Bliss spa founder Marcia Kilgore. With prices ranging between £5 and £20, Soap & Glory is positively wallet-friendly, but is it value for money? Lena Weber reports.

I love it when beauty products evoke the styles of the past and Soap & Glory’s range certainly does. All of their products are beautifully packaged using vintage images and everything has a candy-pink Fifties feel, plus there is an air of cheekiness when it comes to the product names, Sexy Mother Pucker, The Righteous Butter, The Clean of England anyone?

Now don’t confuse this with reproduction cosmetics, you certainly won’t find red lipsticks, powders or cold creams here, these are modern products – lip glosses, wrinkle creams and body butters.

Still, even a vintage vixen will want to have an even complexion and smooth skin, plus the low price certainly appeals. Thankfully, Soap & Glory is great value for money. Their body butters and cleansers smell lovely and didn’t irritate my hyper-sensitive skin.  I really loved their Shower House gift set (£20.00), which comes complete with shower cap (excellent if you’re pin curling and don’t want your locks to get wet) and shower brush, which has made exfoliating so much easier.

NEW-Arch-De-Triumph2-380x380I would also seriously recommend the Arch De Triumph™shaping and highlighting brow crayon. (£7.50 ), which makes shaping your brows ever so simple. It even comes with eyebrow stencils – in a very Fifties shape – so you only really need to fill out the stencil for perfect arches.

So for cheap, quality products that won’t look out of place on your vanity, I’d highly recommend these. Now if they’d add some red lipsticks and liquid eyeliner, I’d be totally hooked!

Soap & Glory is available online and at Boots.

4 Responses

  1. Gemma

    LOVE this stuff. ‘Srub of your life’ is the world’s best body scrub. Fact.

  2. Rebecka

    and last time i went to boots they had a big soap and glory sale so worth checking in your local store. the mist you madly body spray is lovely.

  3. emily

    I just love the smell of all the products, its hard to explain its kind of like sweets. so pretty!

  4. Carmen Johnson

    Hello Ladies,

    Help! I can’t seem to really get perfect arches with this product.

    The other day I went and bought the Arch De Triumph product after I read the review about it. And as a honest girl I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. First the shaping pencil can’t really be used with the brow stencils, because it’s to thick. After I tried it several times I had uneven looking eyebrows. Now the shaping pencil you can’t apply it too many times, because you end up with a smudged looking eyebrows. I still use the pencil shaping side gently so it won’t smudge.

    Now the best part of the product was the highlighting part that you will use underneath the arch of your eyebrows. I have no problem with this part.

    I had several great plastic stencils that I had bought a year ago and they work great. I can’t still seem to find the right eyebrows pencils.

    Do you have any suggestions?