Toronto’s vintage scene is one that simply can’t be ignored. With shops scattered all over the city selling the best in vintage clothing, accessories and furniture, Toronto is a vintage shopper’s heaven. Rosanna Carlucci has a guide to the best vintage shops the city has on offer.

When discussing Toronto’s vintage scene one just has to start off with the city’s area with the most vintage per square foot, Queen Street. Located west of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, Queen Street has evolved into the epicenter of music, visual arts, and fashion. A popular tourist attraction known for its eclectic mix of galleries, off beat fashion boutiques and some of the city’s best vintage, Queen Street has plenty to offer.

Cabaret Vintage, with its pin-up covered walls and impeccable service, showcases glamorous cocktail dresses from the Fifties and a gorgeous selection of costume jewellery and hats.

Moving further down to Queen and Ossington, fellow vintage fanatics rave about the ultimate treasure, I Miss You Vintage. Not only does the boutique have the best selection of vintage clutches and belts, but owner Julie Yoo has meticulously displayed all of her stock sorted by colour, making the hunt for that perfect red dress refreshingly effortless.

If your love for Vintage extends past your wardrobe and into your home, you will be thoroughly impressed with the extensive vintage home décor shops located on Queen Street West. To name a few, Red Indian Art Deco and Chatelet are both home to authentic vintage furniture but sell very different types of homewares.

If you have a passion for furniture, lighting, and house wares from the Thirties to the Seventies then Red Indian Art Deco is the place.  But if uber-feminine pieces like a vintage mirrored vanity or a pink chest of drawers sets your heart a flutter, then Chatelet will make your dreams come true.

If price is no object, head over to the Yorkville or the Davenport area of the city where vintage boutiques like The Paper Bag Princess and Divine Decadence take vintage glamour to a whole new level. Both shops specialize in high-end vintage couture from designers such as Chanel and Christian Dior and are known for their mouthwatering inventory of museum-worthy pieces,

And last but certainly never least, Kensington Market is a small neighborhood nestled behind Toronto’s bustling Chinatown district. This bohemian wonderland is home to one of Toronto’s best vintage boutiques, Courage My Love.

The shop was opened in the mid Seventies and has been going strong ever since, still oozing that hippie chic vibe. Vintage enthusiasts have been flocking to Courage My Love for years for its unparalleled selection of loose vintage beads, clothing, house wares, and sunglasses.

When comparing some of the world’s best cities for vintage it is clear that Toronto can stand its own. With a healthy selection of everything from clothing to furniture, it’s easy to hunt for the perfect accessory or piece of clothing that will set your style apart.  If your bank account will let you, I strongly encourage a vintage shopping trip to Toronto, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Tara Marie

    Hello, I’m very happy to see my part of town as the main place to score all things vintage. Also, I work in Kensington Market where there are many vintage clothing stores clustered together, mainly on Kensington Avenue. Although Courage My Love is the most famous (since it’s been there so long, and it is darling) the very best is Flashback 2. Sister store to Flashback and King Of Kensington. I work all three but Flashback 2 has the best selection of pre 1960’s vintage. Our main love is 1940’s. There is even some Victorian pieces on display and maybe for sale if you are lucky ;).