No vintage bedroom would be complete without its centre piece, a vintage bed frame. Yet it is something even hard-core vintage fans often shy away from. To avoid any pitfalls, here are some top tips for buying a vintage bed frame for your own boudoir.

– Given their size, vintage bed frames are often surprisingly cheap. The massive solid-wood frames that are typical for many vintage eras and that often come as part of a matching bedroom suit complete with wardrobes, side tables and a dressing table are not to everyone’s taste and don’t easily fit into small, modern apartments. You can therefore pick up beautiful mahogany Art Deco beds from as little as £300 and mid-century frames can even be found for less than £50.  So do check local papers and websites such as Gumtree or Craigslist to find private sellers keen on a quick deal.

– Unlike modern flat-packed furniture, vintage bed frames can often not be taken apart and reassembled very easily, if at all. To avoid any issues, make sure you have planned out how you’ll get your bed into your bedroom before you buy. You might have to take out a window or door for example.

– Speaking of measurements, vintage beds are often on the smaller side – people used to be a few inches shorter than we are today! You could always go back even further than vintage and opt for a Victorian brass bed, these tend to come in larger sizes. These bed frames are really timeless and tend to look good matched with other vintage eras. An original Victorian frame will however set you back £1000 and more.

– Often, vintage beds are stored in less than ideal conditions such as attics or garages, where the wooden frame can get damp and subsequently attracts pests like woodworm. These little insects slowly chomp through the wood so make sure you check frames for tell-tale signs such as tiny holes before buying. Woodworm can be treated but you’ll need an expert to get it done.

– Pests are also an issue when buying a mattress. Your bed frame might come with a matching one but be careful, the last thing you want is to get your home infested with bedbugs! To be safe, get the vintage frame but buy a new mattress. Specialists like Dreams have an enormous variety of different materials and even offer a made to measure service so your mattress fits into your frame perfectly.

Once you have your vintage bed, read our feature on how to get it nice and cosy – the vintage way!

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  1. Vanessa

    In the states ( and I imagine elsewhere there’s similar) you can get modern bed rails that will convert a “full” or “double” bed into a “Queen” size bed, making it easier to use a vintage head and foot board and still be comfortable.