The Seventies were the golden age of the dinner party. Loud and fun, these parties had none of the sophistication of a Fifties cocktail evening, on the contrary, they were all about showing off and enjoying plenty of food and drink. Here are some top tips for hosting your own Seventies evening.

The invites:
The Seventies were far more casual than previous decades, so there’s no need for invites by post. Simply arrange your party by phone. A good time to kick off the evening would be 7pm. Guests can sip an aperitif (Babycham!) and admire your home before you sit down for dinner.

70s dinner

70s dinner party

The decor:
There is nothing subtle about Seventies style, the more eclectic the mix of colours, patterns and materials, the better. Place mats for your table are a must – you can pick up vintage ones very cheaply online – and so are cloth napkins. Candles were very popular too and were often used as a table centrepiece. Work with key Seventies colours like orange, red, dark green and brown for an authentic feel.

70s dinner party

70s food


70s fondue


The food:
Seventies dinner parties were a chance to impress with your knowledge of exotic, even foreign dishes. For a three-course meal consider the classic menu of prawn cocktails,  duck a l’orange and Black Forest Gateaux. Alternatively set up a fun buffet with cheese sticks on a foil hedgehog, cocktail sausages, mini chicken kievs, pickled onions, a mixed grill and pineapple. Or go for the ultimate Seventies dinner party dish: cheese fondue.

The drinks:
Go for Seventies cocktails like Snowballs, Singapore Slings, a Harvey Wallbanger or a Brandy Alexander. If you are offering wine, forget anything non-European, a French Chablis or German white will be far more authentic.

The entertainment:
Seventies parties always seem a little promiscuous – key party anyone? For a nice, civilised evening put some 70s lounge music on or get your slide projector out and showcase your latest holiday snaps!

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  1. Jodie

    My seventies style social nights always include LP records and Campari. Some fantastic inspirational imagery on this post, love it!