Art deco is one of the most coveted design movements of the early 20th Century. With its origins in Europe, particularly France, it soon became an international movement after the First World War and remained popular until the late Thirties.

Unlike previous design movements, advances in mass production meant that nearly everybody could participate and style their home according to Art deco fashion. Here are three key home deco items that will add an instant Art deco touch to your home, no matter how small.

1) Get an Art deco mirror
Original Art deco mirrors, which often have a typical fan design or scalloped edges, are widely available to buy and come in all shapes and sizes. Hanging up a large mirror will make an instant focus point, or why not get lots of them up on your stairway or one wall for an amazing feature.

You can get modern reproduction designs in most High Street furniture shops these days but they are often far more expensive than the real deal. To get an overview, a simple eBay search for example unearths some real gems, often for as little as £10. Local car boot sales, jumbles, fairs or vintage furniture shops are also likely to stock some.

2) Invest in Art deco picture frames
Getting a free standing Art deco frame, such as this fantastic celluloid one (on eBay now for 99 pence!) will make showcasing your photos all the more glamorous.

If you don’t have any snaps you fancy showing off, you could always get some vintage postcards or art prints.

Typically, Art deco frames also come in wood or even marble and chrome.

3) Decorate with an Art deco vanity set
Until the Sixties most women would own a vanity set comprising of a hand mirror, brushes and a comb. These set look fantastic when displayed on a dressing table in your bedroom or add a nice vintage touch when displayed in your bathroom. is a great source and you can pick up fantastic sets from around £45 onwards.

Other deco ideas: empty Art deco perfume bottles and decanters – a streamlined radio – original advertising posters – chrome lighting

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  1. Sue

    Love this! Mirrors and chandelier’s all the way- and lots of faux fur throws on chaise longues!