Meet our amazing Vintage Queen no 123, the utterly gorgeous Laura. A talented seamstress, she is working as a fashion designer taking inspiration from the past.

“My name is Laura Okita. I am 29 and a vintage fashion designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I am recently married to my husband who is from Japan. We met in Kendo (Japanese Fencing).

I’ve always loved old movies, adored the actresses, and hoarded vintage jewelry and clothing, any remnants of the past. I feel that they hold their own life, whisking you away into a story of time forgotten. I would shop vintage or thrift occasionally, but it all really started when I met my husband. He encouraged me to open my heart and follow my dreams.

I started playing a little more with hair and makeup styles – you are never too old for dress up! I would go shopping, but always would find something that just wasn’t quite right. It was out of frustration for constant needs of repair and alteration that I started sewing. Then, I realized I could make my garments how ever I envisioned them. I took a few classes at Parsons, The New School for Design, and am now working to become a vintage-inspired fashion designer.

My personal style ranges anywhere from the Twenties to Sixties because how can a girl choose just one?! I also like to mix a little modern with vintage, but my favorite decade is an on-going love affair with the Thirties. It’s so glamorous and captivating.  I decided to make my own wedding dress inspired by the Thirties because it just had to be Thirties [take a look at Laura’s amazing wedding and reception dresses below].

I have to say that I am somewhat obsessed the works of designers Christian Dior and Yve Saint Laurent, or anything couture. Worth is before the turn of the century but stunning and a must. I also really enjoy recent designers like Vivian Westwood, Thom Browne and Anna Sui who have made their own take on modern vintage.

I am most fond of vintage sewing patterns, especially form the Forties. I don’t only look to fashion designers, but also art and architecture. My favorite artist is Rolf Armstrong. He painted pin-up and other works in the Twenties. Best for last, my grandmother was a seamstress and a real pin-up girl. I really follow her as the center of my inspiration.

My blog documents my vintage finds and personal designs.”









8 Responses

  1. Dina

    Wow!!! Such inspiration! I love literally every single pic, but the wedding reception dress is truly gorgeous! I’m just learning to sew, and this gives me lots of courage to keep trying!

  2. Laura

    Thank you, the biggest thing about sewing is that you have to take it apart or do it again a lot ;). Even couture designers throw out a dress and start over. Don’t be afraid to keep trying until its just right.

  3. Sharleen

    Wow!! I wish I had your sewing talent; I always have lots of ideas, but lack the ability to make it happen! LOVE the white dress with floral hairpiece, and the one with veil! Congrats!!!