400000000000000169462_s4This week our lovely Vintage Librarian Claire Pursglove reviews a book that promises to show you how to be as glamorous and sophisticated as Audrey Hepburn. But does it deliver?

How To Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life– Melissa Hellstern

Robson Books, £9.99

Audrey Hepburn was renowned for her sense of style and class, this we all know. What this book promises is to share some of Hepburn’s philosophies and insights, thereby giving us all a chance to live ‘with glamour and grace’.

Using excerpts from interviews with Audrey over the years, it touches on a broad range of subjects; from career, motherhood, love and relationships. There are some lovely photos of Audrey, and interesting comments/anecdotes from friends and family.

Unfortunately it doesn’t deliver anything particularly revelatory in terms of how to be lovely, or about Hepburn herself. It’s a neat little book if you want an overview into the life of a style icon, but if you’re looking for a biography or some life guidance then go for something with a little more substance.

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  1. Jenifir

    While I have not read “How to be Lovely”, and therefore cannot comment about this particular book, I would recommend “What Would Audrey Do” and “Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit” if you wanted to distill what gave her such inner beauty.