vintagecookingThis week our lovely Vintage Librarian Claire Pursglove is reviewing a book that my solve the age-old kitchen dilemma: how to get your man cooking. The easy answer: vintage nudes. Yes really!

The Pampered Paramour…Your Mistress in the Kitchen by Nina Faull
Available from, $14.95 (shipping charges vary)

As a young lady who has yet to establish the joy to be found in cooking, I have often wondered how best to get a young man to do it for me. I think this book, The Pampered Paramour…Your Mistress in the Kitchen may just be the answer!

This delightful little recipe book has replaced those dull images of food with over 30 vintage nudes, and given each section titillating names like Foreplay, On the Side, and One Night Stands, to get the chef in the mood (so to speak).

n120126404678_5024Tried and tested, The Pampered Paramour came to fruition when the author was struggling to get her own husband to take charge in the kitchen – and it worked! Not surprising then, that a sequel is already being penned. All the recipes are simple and easy to follow, so no jargon or weird ingredients to worry about here.

My one gripe would be the presentation; the book is self-published which is all too apparent by the print and design. Some of the photos used are a little too grainy for my liking, but such are the hazards of using early 20th Century imagery. It’s a fun and novel idea though, so get cooking!