Do you know much about different fashion movements? Our lovely Vintage Librarian Claire Pursglove certainly does, thanks to this week’s book of choice.

…Isms: Understanding Fashion– Mairi MacKenzie
A&C Black, £9.99

Given that I am so concerned with my wardrobe these days, it seems ironic that I actually know very little about fashion. I’m not the sort of girl who can spot Chanel at 20 paces, or who could describe the difference between Minimalism and Modernism.

Thank heavens then, for books like this, which make digesting the whole concept very easy. ‘Isms’ does what it says on the tin: each major Western fashion movement from the 17th century to present day has been detailed in a two-page spread on the subject.

These include Revolutionism, Dandyism, Savile Row, Hollywoodism, The New Look, Punk and Grunge. Each one is complete with illustrations, a list of key figures and museums which hold items relevant to that trend.

The section on vintage is interesting in that it lists Kate Moss as one of the early adopters of the movement, and holds her vintage-inspired Topshop collection as one of the factors in making this a more mainstream trend. There is also a neat little reference section with a glossary, time line and list of places to visit.

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