masters wayThis week our lovely Vintage Librarian Claire Pursglove has reviewed a vintage beauty and style bible, which reveals the tips and tricks of one of Hollywood’s most legendary make-up artists and stylists to such stars as Marilyn Monroe.

The Masters Way to Beauty – George Masters
Out of print – check Amazon or eBay

There is nothing that my make-up artist friend Issidora doesn’t know about vintage beauty, so as you can imagine I was über excited to get my hands on one of the books that she recommended for research of my own.

Written in 1978 by George Masters, one time hairdresser and make-up artist to Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Jones amongst others, this book is part style guide and part autobiography. Masters intertwines each chapter with anecdotes from his illustrious career and the starlets whose looks he helped to create.

He revolutionised the industry at the time with his casual work ethic (turning up to a high class salon in jeans and a t-shirt, much to the horror of his employers) and refused to work with anyone he felt was too pretentious or fake.

There is a plethora of advice covering hair styling, skin care, make-up and posture, and although much of it may have been doing the rounds, the fact that his techniques were used on the very women we try to emulate makes this a treasure to read.

2 Responses

  1. Emma Louise

    I’d been thinking about getting this book for ages, so this was a useful review.
    If anyone’s interested there’s a signed copy on ebay at the moment, which is quite cheap.

  2. Gwenn LeMoine

    I am eager to find this book! I come from three generations of hairdressers. I’ve been wishing there were more books on the glamour days of dresSing hair. I hope its still in print!!! Off I go in search of this book 🙂