WW279The cold season is upon us, so if you need help finding the best vintage coats available to buy online now, look no further. Ellie Woodward has done all the work for you, and from trench coats to capes and military jackets, here are her ten best finds.

Who isn’t a sucker for a cute button down coat with an oversized collar? There’s something effortlessly stylish about this Sixties pea green coat made from pure wool.

The pointed collar and eight large buttons give the coat a sweet, childlike look but the meticulous tailoring – the panelling down the front and the slight flick out at the bottom – ensure that this coat would be a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Buy it here for £34.99



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3 Responses

  1. Sheila Brady

    dress-sense on behalf of SENSE (for deaf blind persons) is the HOTTEST for Vintage gear!
    You must look everyday as new items are added daily! My most recent purchase was a
    BURBERRY Trench Coat. Cool or What? By buying from the people at SENSE you are also helping the most vunerable and forgotten people. The people running it, NIKKI, and her Team are truly professional! All garments are properly described, (any faults noted) arrive beautifully packed and delivered super fast. I am totally hooked on these people and now after I have
    read WEE BIRDY (another one of my loves), I automatically go to dress-sense to see what they have to tempt my taste buds that day. 4 items yesterday!. I am Prentender to the Throne of Vintage Queen. Love to all my Vintage Heads out there!

  2. Sheila Brady

    Loved the feature on Winter Coats, I want the Trench Coat, those yellow pieces are so dramatic. This coat reminds me of something Barbra Goalen would have worn. Great!

  3. Sheila Brady

    Hi all, Talking coats & the ones here are super, but, one of my secret finds (don’t tell anybody)is AMERICAN VINTAGE CLASSICS. Coats to die for and at super, super prices. I bought 3
    coats from here last Winter and the guy who runs it RICO is just great, keeps in touch every step of the way. The items arrive so fast I think he must personally pidgeon them across.
    His stock of glasses, mostly 50’s is terrifice and at such ridiculous prices, Cheap, Cheap!
    Go have a look, but, do not tell anybody! Love, Sheila