dressagencychallengeA vintage Chanel bag for £40 sounds just too good to be true, or at least like a lot of hunting around on the net. Then we were let in on a retail secret…Could we have found vintage designer heaven? QueensOfVintage sent Rosie Kinchen on a mission to find out more and come back with a pre-loved designer outfit for under £250, without using the internet.

A few weeks ago, a girlfriend let me in on a retail secret and swiftly followed it up with, “…But don’t tell anyone, I don’t want everybody to find out.” Unfortunately for her it provided the ideal solution to my challenge.

The secret was Pandora’s, my local dress agency. Once convinced that dress agencies catered solely to those over 60 with a fondness for sequins, I was immensely surprised to discover just how wrong I was – and absolutely delighted to uncover such an untapped resource of pre-loved designer pieces.

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2 Responses

  1. Jane

    Great artcile. Shame you limited yourself to just the high street as I’ve just found a really great Dress Agency on the web. For those who want to sell, this one is great as they only take 40% commission – much lower than the others I’ve tried in the past. Take a look for yourselves at http://www.designerdesires.com

  2. edith

    Pandora is very addictive, it’s my absolute favorite shop of all times. Check out Sign of the Times in Chelsea and Seconda Mano in Islington. (But don’t tell anyone 😉 ).