n66511294462_19176Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse, Scottsdale

This “Old West” steakhouse has been in business since 1957, and is a fun place to stop in for a good meal and a taste of Arizona history.  Known for its “casual” atmosphere, those wearing a tie need to watch out—for your friendly server will soon snip it right off and add it a vast collection that covers the walls and ceilings. 

Live music can also be heard on the weekends, adding to the western fun. 

It’s rumored that Pinnacle Peak Patio may soon give way to the march of progress and will be torn down for “newer and better” things, so be sure to stop in before this classic steakhouse becomes a ghost town.



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3 Responses

  1. Miss Tayva

    I beg to differ, regarding the Monte Vista. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of staying there on more than one occasion (once as a guest, twice with bands)… The lobby is gorgeous, but that’s where the love ends.

    The rooms look nothing like they used to (you can see photographs in the lobby)… and it’s rather scrangy! I’ve taken my own pillow and Lysol along with me, and I will never walk without shoes in that place. In my opinion, it’s not too far removed from staying in a hostel.

    What was once a charming cocktail lounge is now a place that permanently smells like vomited-up beer, and frequently I’ve spotted hypodermic needles in the restrooms (note: the ladies’ restroom is just adjacent to the lobby).

    Great for a stroll-through (definitely flip through their scrap book, the history of that place, murderwise, is quite interesting)… personally, I’d not stay there.

    One place I must urge people to visit while in Northern Arizona is the La Posada Hotel in Winslow. It was designed by famous architect Mary Coulter (who also did the AMAZING El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon… another must-see!); and erected by Fred Harvey.

    It closed in ’57, but restoration begain in ’97, and now it’s touted one of the must-see places in the US by all sorts of travel books/magazines.

    You can still catch the Southwest Chief Amtrak train from there every morning and night. La Posada’s restaurant (The Turquoise Room; named for the dining car on the Southwest Chief) offers world class cuisine by chef John Sharpe.

    Oh, and just 30 miles east of Winslow is Holbrook, home to the Wigwam Inn– a charming set of concrete teepees you can stay in!

    Holbrook’s Wigwam Inn was built in 1950, I believe. The owners/staff are lovely, the rooms are clean (and retain the original lodge pole furniture).

  2. Amanda Lee

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article and comment, Tayva! It’s nice to know that people are enjoying my writing 🙂

    I have heard of the La Posada and the Wigwam Inn in Winslow; they’ve been on my “must-see” list for awhile, but we haven’t had the chance to visit yet. For this article, I only included places I’ve been to so that I could give firsthand accounts. Good to know they live up to what’s been said about them!

    I have to say that the occasions I’ve stayed at the Monte Vista don’t match your account at all–if my first experience had been a negative one I don’t think I’d have gone back! I’ve found the rooms to be clean and neat, as well as the lobby bathrooms (though if you think about what goes on in hotels, no matter how expensive or fancy, you wouldn’t go barefoot or sleep on the sheets at all! I’ve heard some real doozie stories from the ex-cop I work with and I put ’em out of my mind when I stay in a hotel lol)

    Thanks again for commenting–I’d love to hear what others have to say as well!

  3. myvintagevixen

    Fabulous must see places. Bisbee is fantastic to visit and the Commemorative Air Force is amazing! The Orpheum takes my breath away. There is an Orpheum theatre in Flagstaff Arizona as well. I have not been there in years but as I recall it was a glorious venue. There are some great vintage escapes in central Arizona as well. If you are going north stop in Jerome. There are two beautiful antique stores that have great vintage bags, some clothes, and jewelry. There is also a fabulous second hand store that carries a little bit of everything. I own a ladies boutique that specializes in vintage reproductions. The town is its own tourist attraction being a sister city to Bisbee, only built higher up on the mountain. If you would like an inside tour and the best kept secret places to stay please feel free to call/email and I would be happy to help.

    My Vintage Vixen
    PO BOX G
    208 Main Street, Downstairs
    Jerome, AZ 86331