vintage-woman-homebody-chairSet on the site of an historic Clerkenwell shop in London, an eclectic old-world parlour is set to pop up next week where friends and family can gather to engage, think, express, play games, and – most importantly – relax and enjoy time the vintage way.

Hosted by MIEN magazine, a website dedicated to etiquette culture and style, The Parlour hopes to take guests away from the fast-paced,intense, digital world we live in, inviting them to interact and engage with each other in a charming setting.

Dana Gornitzki, Editor of MIEN magazine explains: “The idea behind the Parlour is to return to the roots of what a parlour was used for: a lovely living space where one could receive visitors in the most polite way possible. The Parlour pop up will be a place to write letters, engage in good conversation, play games like cards, drink punch and enjoy music.”

During the day, the Parlour will be the perfect place to come read a book, write letters (or in your journal!), peruse art and other anecdotes left by visitors, or have a relaxed chat away from the busy streets of the city.

On select afternoons and evenings, the Parlour will feature unique nostalgic workshops and play time: an assortment of delightful happenings including parlour games, poetry recitals, listening to old records, and a few other handsome surprises.

Most importantly, the Parlour will be free of mobile telephones, computers and modern-day gadgets, making time for quality, face to face conversations.

As Dana explains her interest in all things vintage: “My interest in old-fashioned etiquette and style comes from a few places: Instinctively, it probably started from looking at photographs of my grandmother and hearing her stories. She always dressed up (never leaving home without her lipstick) and seemed to live a more glamorous and civilised life. Then, of course reading books and watching old films – when people took time to sit down for dinner (and ate off lovely china), people went on proper dates, wore wonderful clothes.

“There was more formality, but also life was in many ways simpler without all the modern-day rushing around and distraction. Of course, I’m nostalgic and a hopeless romantic so it’s lovely to take some of the finer elements from a bygone era and try to apply it to life now (which has many nice bits too!).”

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  1. Lindy hopper

    I’ve often dreamed of opening a place like this & now someones done it for me. How wonderful, i must pop along x