Would you like a Givenchy necklace but can’t face the high fashion price tag? No problem! Outi Pyy, Finish fashion and accessories designer and self-styled ‘trashionista’ is at hand to tell you how to make do and mend your own high fashion inspired jewellery, what to do with your vintage finds and how to start your own fashion mend projects– even if you’ve got two left hands

 QoV: Why do you make your own fashion items? 

Outi: I love fashion but don’t always want to buy new stuff. By making my own fashion items I´m able to get something unique. Self-made things have an evolution, a story, and I love stories. Plus it keeps my hands busy while watching TV!
QoV: How did you get into making your own things? 

Outi: I studied sewing and patternmaking for four years and graduated in 2000. At the same time, I started to become aware of recycling and sustainable fashion. Craft magazines in Finland were (and unfortunately still are) mega boring, so I turned to thrift stores for secondhand clothing and started to customize it.

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