The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online

Finding vintage fashion online is easy – but finding the best source for it is another story. How many times have you plugged search words into eBay, Etsy or Google and crossed your fingers the perfect option would magically appear? You’re not alone. Writer and vintage lover  Sammy Davis too felt this way for years.

Realizing that I wasn’t the only one confused about where to find the best vintage online, I decided to write my e-book, the 100 Best Vintage Shops Online, to alleviate these frustrations by breaking down the best shops into various categories by decade, clothing type and price.

The book is divided into two parts: “Best Overall” (featuring 10-20 shops in Etsy, eBay or Independent sites) and “Best in Categories” (featuring 5 shops). Whether it’s a fitted floral Fifties frock, a piece of heirloom jewelry or a shimmery style for this weekend’s cocktail soiree, the book explains which shops will satisfy your vintage shopping needs without you having to comb through fly-by-night-sellers.

Since the book covers the best-of in North America, I interviewed a few shops who cater to an international customer base. These are only three of the 100 shops featured in the book. To learn about the remaining 97 – and to make your vintage shopping experiences online the most satisfying yet! – get the book, The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online, for sale on my site or on Etsy!


The Vintage Hat Shop

Founder: Cindy

Located in: Manistee, Michigan

The Vintage Hat shop has sold hats to 28 different countries, with a third of all sales finding happy homes abroad. Founder Cindy says that her customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are often repeat customers, always seeming to know “exactly what they like and just the type of hat they are looking for,” she says. “I’ve sold hats for weddings, Goodwood Revival, fashion shoots, historical reenactments, the ‘races,’ and many special events along with hats to gals that just love to dress in their own unique style.”

Specializing in eras from the ‘20-’80s, the Vintage Hat Shop sells unique styles from the ‘30s and ‘40s (fedoras, tilts, slouches, cartwheels) most often to international shoppers. “My international buyers seem to like hats that are unique and sophisticated – with personality! Hats from the ‘30s and ‘40s (fedoras, tilts, slouches, cartwheels) continue to be very popular,” she says.


Great Lake Outfitters

Founder: Kelly

Located: Cleveland, Ohio

Great Lake Outfitters was born when founder Kelly simply needed money to pay the bills. Living in the “Rust Belt” area of America where the vintage styles of old money still lingered (Rockefeller, Carnegie and other 20th century American millionaires once lived here), she never failed to find classic vintage styles (focusing on ‘30s-’60s garments) at affordable prices. This is why a well-tailored, classic vintage dress from Great Lake Outfitters averages around $65.

“Vintage is for everybody, and so I want it to be at an affordable price point,” says Kelly. “I also try to work with international buyers to give them a break on shipping costs when they buy multiple garments from my store.”

Great Lake has had months where total sales to international customers exceeded 65 percent – proving that at this eBay shop, the styles and prices are right for women all around the world. “I’ve sold to the daughter of a diplomat living in Africa before,” says Kelly. “I have nearly 500 items in my shop at any given time, so there truly is something for every girl from any country.”


2 Try Hard Vintage

Founder: Natalie

Location: New York City

Every single garment listed in this massive eBay store starts at a bid of 99 cents, with final sales averaging around $50 a piece. That’s why at 2 Try Hard, you need not “try too hard” to get a great garment at a great price. “Keeping starting bids at 99 cents allows for the value of the piece to be decided on by the consumer,” says founder Natalie.

So if sequins are all the rage, she’ll notice an increase in bids and final selling price on anything that shimmers and shines. To keep up with consumer demand, 2 Try Hard will stock more of what’s most popular. “My shoppers teach me how to shop,” she says.

Selling on eBay for more than a decade, 2 Try Hard remains a leader in providing affordable vintage for a strong international market, explains Natalie. “Our internet world wide sales grow at a phenomenal speed. From South America choosing ethnic feminine pieces to Australia’s interest in Mad Men ‘60s styles, it’s fascinating to see what’s hot in vintage worldwide.”


All stores and many more featured in the e-book, the 100 Best Vintage Shops Online.

Sammy Davis is an advocate and enthusiast for all things vintage. Her platform is to spread #vintagelove because I believe that we all succeed when we help others to succeed. She founded Sammy Davis Vintage to make vintage fashion more approachable for the everyday woman and to inspire them to feel and look their best while wearing vintage. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Rebecka

    Great idea, trawling through Ebay and Etsy and various other online shops takes so much time…I love Great Lake – have found some of my most unusual and bargainous 30s dresses from there