The charm of vintage jewellery lies in its uniqueness, the sense that each piece has outlasted the past and will possibly outlast us too one day. Francesca Murray has found 10 unique vintage brooches available online now.

Whilst enjoying some commuter bliss on the London underground this morning, I went through my daily routine of perusing the various adverts and posters that adorn the carriage.

It was then that I spotted a rather adorable poem called Broochby Menna Elfyn. The poem went:

They have their place, accessories:
earrings, the odd necklace,
gemstone bracelets…
and yet, it’s from the soft inner depth
we work the brooch of our lives,
that jewelled keepsake set to outlast us.

Yours, it was a brooch ablaze –
the passion-crafted clasp,
the light chain to keep it safe;

others, now, will wear your brooch –
this jewel fashioned from a golden hear

It will catch the sun. It will dazzle us.

While this poem obviously has a much deeper meaning, all I could think about when I read it was how true these words were to vintage jewellery. Vintage jewellery does “outlast us”. A vintage brooch “will dazzle us” – especially when it’s one that has a special significance or is something truly unique.

Here are 10 vintage brooches available online right now. Who knows – maybe one of them could even become “the brooch of your life”!

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  1. Marian

    What a gorgeous article.Loved the poem and the brooches are tremendous! The pirate ship is my fave!
    Muah x