Spring is surely just around the corner now, making us want to banish our winter woolen jumpers to the darkest corners of our wardrobes. It’s about time for skirts, blouses and sandals, and this spring we are taking inspiration from Audrey Hepburn. Abby Clyndes takes a look at Audrey’s style in fabulous romcom Roman Holiday.

Once again the time of year when trees are about to turn a pinkish green instead of looking half dead is just around the corner and no more than a month away. In six weeks you suddenly notice that it’s spring and the months ahead are full of almost impossibly cheesy but wonderful possibilities, so this is the perfect time for a cheeky wardrobe update.

Spring is that amazing gateway to summer that just seems to make people happier. One blotch of sunshine and suddenly we are frantically tearing up the hemlines of our skirts and whipping out the shorts.

I’m going to be taking a look at Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe from the lovely sunshiny film Roman Holiday (1953), a film that will inspire you to book a trip, go fall in love (another quintessential spring phenomenon) and most importantly update your wardrobe with a few spring/summer vintage essentials.

If you have a classic scooter even better, but even if you don’t, take inspiration from Hepburn.  Treat yourself to a lovely shirt and wear it tucked into a simple, formal and long Fifties skirt or even some shorts or culottes. I’ve seen culottes bobbing around on Mouse Vox Vintage just now.

Or why not dress up your formal outfit with a cute scarf tied around the neck. What I also really like at the moment are scarves tied around the hair, they always look adorable and are a great way to make messy beach hair look stylish. You can pick vintage scarves up from just about any vintage or retro shop, they make great accessories.

Waist belts will never cease to be stylish or sexy. They are perfect for accentuating a waspish waist and make the most simple of outfits look very sexy.

If you like to be on trend then take some inspiration from Hepburn’s sandals. Sandals are a spring essential and the ones featured in Roman Holiday are quite gladiator-esque in the way that they wind round the foot which is still very in fashion at the moment.

The shoe part though is adorable and cute with the little chunky heel and round toes. It might take some hunting to find a similar pair but I reckon it would be worth it since you’d end up with a very enviable vintage shoe.

Hepburn’s staple style in Roman Holiday is so simple but yet lovely and stylish. There’s plenty to take inspiration from when scouting about for some spring/summer wears.


4 Responses

  1. hannah asprey

    I love this simple blouse and skirt combination. The scarf is the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Ali

    Not for a while yet, surely! It’s flippin’ freezing out there today!

  3. mary young

    This was quite high style back in the day. The rummor du jour at the time was that the character in the movie Roman Holiday was actually baced on “rummor” that it was actually Princess Margaret’s (QE II’s sister)on holiday. hmmmmmmm.