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4 Responses

  1. kate

    what a lovely way to wake up!
    just logged on and seen you are following me on Twitter, so i looked up your website and i just love your site, i have loads to do today, and i can see that this site is going to tempt me…

    i esp. love the 1930/40 and a bit of the 20′s i suppose, just loved the yt clip of yves, that music is so haunting and sums up him.

    got to go

    but will be back


  2. Tara

    Thanks Kate! We’re glad you like the site… and we’re loving Twitter! It’s a fantastic way to meet vintage-lovers like yourself, and have a good old chat too! x

  3. Julie Colquitt

    Hi there,

    Just want to say I look forward to receiving updates from you. This is a fantastic website! I am going to be on it for hours and hours!


  4. Christina Moran~Leake

    Thank you!!! This is the biggest treasure I’ve discovered yet!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! As a girl growing up in the 70′s I spent most of my time with my grandmother influence either on the bus touring San Diego neighborhoods or watching reruns of old colour, black and white movies and a freedom to explore her garage that had decades of galmours treasures of both fashion and interior and architecture design.



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