The Thirties was an era of stylish, sophisticated clothes as the decadence of the Twenties flappers gave way to a more sombre era. Likewise, with interiors, the art deco flamboyance of Twenties design developed into a more elegant style. Nell Darby has a comprehensive guide to introducing some Thirties elegance to your study area.

First of all your vintage study area will need to have the right basics: either a parquet floor or sturdy lino a well as  pale walls. Beige, pale green and coffee were also popular wall colours during the Thirties. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, give it a Thirties feel by tiling the surround with plain, pale tiles.

To get the right vintage feeling for your workspace you have several options:  modernist, more traditional or a combination of the two. The modernist style creates a simple study with few distractions but can feel a bit austere. However, you could warm up the area with bright accessories or even a battered old leather sofa without losing the Thirties feel.

The desk and chair

The essential part of the study is a desk. Thirties desks were much as they are today, consisting of large surfaces with a couple of drawers either side. Oak was a popular choice of material for these desks, but plywood was also used as a cheaper option. Wooden swivel chairs will add additional Thirties flair

phoneThe telephone

To me, one of the best Thirties designs is the Bakelite telephone. They can still be picked up from auction sites or markets for under £50, although you’ll need to make sure they have been rewired to modern standards.

The typewriter

Another vital part of the Thirties study is a typewriter. Genuine typewriters from the decade, such as those made by Olympia, can be picked up for literally only a few pounds, and are a design classic. You may prefer to use your modern-day computer, but these typewriters still look fantastic as a decorative accessory if nothing else.


inkInkwell sets

The Victorians were great fans of desk-top inkwell sets, and they continued to be popular in the Thirties. They were made in a variety of materials, look out for chrome, glass or Bakelite items. As relatively few of these items survive unbroken, they can be a bit more expensive to buy, but it’s still possible to get one for under £50.

radioThe radio

If you need a bit of music in your workspace, find an original or repro Thirties wireless radio. Even the original speaker surrounds to these radios can be found in sales or online, and contemporary speakers can be wired to them. This way you can have the best of today’s technology housed in the best of Thirties design. Again, oak was a popular choice for both radios and speakers.

lampThe desk lamp

To complete your Thirties study look for a desk lamp. The Bauhaus style is simple and timeless, although these lamps, because of their timelessness and good design, can cost you up to £200 to buy today. The lamp should be made of chrome or glass, with a simple shape.

kessler_buero_m_grafBecause the Thirties style was so simple, it lends itself to modern day décor without looking old-fashioned.  So get yourself some vintage office accessories and enjoy your workspace in a different way!

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