mix_of_old___new_stylesWe’ve all done it. You find the perfect online vintage treasure chest, filled to brim with delightful kitchen gadgets and retro homeware. You pat yourself on the back for this amazing discovery and click through the pages with glee.

Beaming with joy, as check out to pay for your goodies, you realise, with horror that it’s based in the US with no chance of making its way across the Atlantic intact. No Fifties sugar bowl for you in deepest darkest Shropshire I’m afraid. Anita Bhagwandas  has help at hand.

Luckily Fanny’s Vintage Kitchenailia has everything a domestic goddess could need to adorn and perfect her home, all here in good old Blighty! Based in the Yorkshire Dales, these enterprising ladies sell vintage, retro and antique collectables and home accessories and yes, they ship internationally.

The team leave no stone unturned in their search for beautiful items and what’s more, they have a lively blog which shows the various escapades of Fanny, their nine year old greyhound plus their most recent treasures and finds.

Whether it’s a quirky present or your quest for that perfect centrepiece you’ll easily fall in love with something here.

Three top picks:

090827075358_1970s_toast1- Seventies toast rack £10.64


091029104117_gold_lustre_coffee_set2- Vintage Art Deco Coffee Set £56. 72


3- Victorian Silver Plated Sugar Sifter £20.30