Starting on 1 April, Chaz Royal’s International London Burlesque Festival is back for a third year, showcasing the best in British Burlesque and beyond.

The London Burlesque Festival (1 to 5 April) will expose Londoners as well as Burlesque connoisseurs from across the globe to over 100 of the world’s best burlesque performers who have been selected from over 200 applicants hailing from North America, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The festival will feature a variety of acts ranging from the nostalgic traditional style of Burlesque’s early years to Fifties ‘Bump and Grind’ as well as more modern avant-garde interpretations that are growing in popularity with Neo Burlesque’s younger set.

There will be several showcases of sizzling strip tease, vaudeville variety and Burlesque pageantry at it’s best taking place in London’s finest districts over the span of five fabulous nights.

For further info, tickets and full details click here.

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