Although not everyone who likes vintage lives a retro life in a sense that they wear vintage styles every day or have a home decorated in a certain period, but it’s fascinating for anyone to get a glimpse into the lives of those who do. Fabulous website Southern Retro is a photographic collection featuring portraits of people who do live a vintage lifestyle, and it provides a captivating insight into the lives – and homes – of vintage lovers.

Set up by Brighton-based photographer and graphic designer Mat Keller in 2010, Southern Retro now features over 30 vintage lovers from the south east of England and beyond. Each entry features several – untouched – images of the person in their own home as well as a profile explaining what they love about vintage and the retro way of life. From full-time mums to chefs to officer workers – what the project shows is that vintage lovers come from all walks of life, and each one has very personal reasons for getting into vintage.

“What fascinates me about the people I’ve met who live this lifestyle is that they fill their lives with those aspects of the past that seem to me to be lacking in today’s society” Mat explains.

“We are part of a generation that didn’t grow up with partner dancing, with good manners, a respect for ourselves and those around us, our environment, our appearance and of last-ability and make-do-and-mend. People don’t live a vintage lifestyle  just to be fashionable or to be different, but because these things are important to us and, I feel, important to the world we live in. These are things that are missing and that need to be celebrated, respected and applauded.”

Do have a look at the collection – Queens editor-in-chief Lena is on there too – and why not join yourself!

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  1. Amy Taylor

    You look great Lena, and wow, hasn’t your hair grown since I saw you last!

    • Lena

      Oh thank you so much Amy! I know it’s properly long now – thinking about chopping quite a lot off though…