Making jewellery out of different vintage parts is one of the easiest ways of owning a completely unique and original piece. The problem is finding vintage or antique parts you can use. Francesca Murray has the ultimate guide to where to source your bits and bobs.

When I tell someone that I make jewellery from authentic vintage and antique parts (*cough* *cough*), the same questions usually follows – “Where do you find your parts?” While the parts I use for my pieces can vary from vintage brooches to antique hardware, the places where I source them don’t tend to vary at all. And once you know where to look, great parts are easy to find.

If you’re anything like me, fellow vintage lovers, you enjoy the thrill of the chase. And the cheaper the chase, the more satisfying the whole process becomes. Whatever you want vintage parts for, be it to customise a vintage outfit to make it truly unique or to make your own jewellery with, there are a plenty of places to get a great deal. Here are just a few of the many hunting grounds out there.

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  1. Claira

    Super stuff, Frankie! It makes me want to go out charity shopping right this second! x

  2. sue

    We sell antique, vintage and more second hand (vintage modern) beads, buttons and findings in the UK.