To celebrate the launch of her new album, Sara de Velasco has caught up with vintage loving singer Kirsty Almeida to talk about music, vintage fashion and summer festivals. A talented singer and songwriter, musician and artist Kirsty has performed both solo and with others and is currently flanked by her 7-man band. She also runs music collective Odbod which allows her to collaborate with artists of many different backgrounds and styles.

Kirsty is not just a talented musician, but also a creative mind that applies her ideas to other creative outlets. “I customize instruments, I have painted all the artwork for the album booklet and am right in the middle of designing and making merchandise.” she explains her love for making and creating things. When she’s not doing all of the above, she hand-makes album covers out of scrap papers and raw silks, records other artists and writes songs.

One of the highlights is her ‘fork and bells’ dress which she is currently in the middle of designing with a musical instrument inventor: “It will be a dress with integrated clockwork and mechanics, the underskirt will be a playable, harp-like invention and the train will be made out of sculpted tuned spoons and forks. The basque will be made of wood – which I will be able to scrape – and the bow of bells. The plan is to be able to play the whole thing.”

Being such a creative mind, Kirsty mentions as a varity of ecclectic fashion influences from the Victorian era, magic, John Galliano, the theatre and everyday life to tailored men’s suits and Mexico in what might be summed up as “gipsy glamour”.

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