Vintage in Florence is one of those rare jewels that you happen to stumble across by mistake. The shops are hidden down tiny winding streets and the word ‘vintage’ is only whispered between those in the know. Well Girlies, just like Pandora’s box, Natalie Dale is going to give you the key to some of the best preserved vintage you have ever seen!






My favourite vintage shop in Florence is near to the magnificent ‘Palazzo Pitti’ which houses a delectable costume museum. Pop in here first for inspiration and then slip across to Pitti Vintage where you can buy some of your own collectibles.

Pitti Vintage is a beautiful shop with lovely owners and the cutest dog! As you enter the shop, which is located down a tiny sloping side street, you marvel at the outfits hanging from the walls. Some of these pieces are so old that they are not for sale but for any vintage fiend it’s like walking into a sweet shop. There is a fantastic collection of vintage swimwear and lingerie. Think sexy 50’s sirens on the beach in high-waisted floral bikinis.

There are also mountains of sunglasses, scarves and bracelets all scattered across a big table for you to hone in on like a magpie. As you walk through the shop towards the back, there are numerous elegant floor length evening gowns and even some wedding dresses. Men are not forgotten here with a great selection of ties, shoes and beautiful Italian leather satchels. If you fancy picking up a vintage coat in Italy then this is also the best shop, as there is a whole room dedicated to warm coats. It’s akin to the ‘old-school’ coats in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Pitti Vintage, Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti 19r,

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