If you regularly wear a period look, you will love these vintage make-up guides (Glamour Daze, $9.99 each or $19.99 for all) based on lovingly restored instruction leaflets from the Twenties, Thirties, Forties and Fifties.

The Twenties guide gives some fabulous period advice on beauty, fashion and lifestyle such as ”repair and restoration work’ – or how to properly clean and moisturise your face – in addition to tips for the perfect body (ideal waist in 1928: 26.5″) and how to apply make-up.  As well as a great guide, it’s also a wonderful insight into life in the Twenties with rather surprising tips for ‘business women’,  yoga exercises and brilliant statements such as “marriage is, beyond question, a wise and good plan. But the way we carry it out is full of flaws.”

Unlike the Twenties booklet, the Thirties guide doens’t contain any lifestyle advice but aims solely to showcase how to apply make-up. The little book is jam-packed full of great tips for all hair colours and face-types (“tips for the very light blonde”). As a bonus you will also get another booklet “The New Art of Make-Up” by none other than Max Factor himself. This nifty guide is full of tips on how to apply make-up correctly to accentuate your best features as demonstrated by Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Vivien Leigh and Claudette Colbert. Fab!

The Forties guide features before-after pictures of everyday women as well as amazing shots of  Hollywood stars. Not just a guide on make-up, it also explains how to pick the right perfume or how to remedy all sorts of skin issues. In addition there is a fab section on hair and ‘do and don’t’ ideas for setting and styling.

Much like the previous guides, the Fifties one suggests skin cleansing routines, help for beauty issues (pimples!) and brilliantly comical facial exercises. The tips on manicure and hair setting as well as ‘how to choose your clothes for your figure’ are fab too.

Each guide is downloadable as a PDF e-book.